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Riverport I.


The following properties are for sale in 4 blocks of apartments:
56 apartments,
38 basement parking spaces,
31 storage rooms
The above property portfolio can either be bought in its entirety by a single party or be subdivided in to smaller packages for negotiated price to be sold to a multitude of investors.


Year of construction: 2010
Some of the apartments have an astonishing view to the River Danube. The grounds of the condominium are a beautifully landscaped garden with trees, lawn, elegant pavements and a playground for children. The property is surrounded by fences on every side, and the attractively landscaped court is equipped with a modern irrigation system, an up-to-date surveillance camera system and a convenient concierge building with 24/7 reception service.


All the 4 apartment blocks and 2 service buildings were constructed to a high technical specification and share the same elegant design. Every block has a basement garage level below the ground level. All buildings have 6 levels (basement + ground floor + 4 levels) which were built using high quality traditional construction techniques.
The size of the apartments are from 41.63 to 114.41 sqm. Apartments can be bought separately too.

Purchase price of Riverport I. Condominium portfolio

€ 11.49 million

  • Rental Yield
    min. 5-6% / year
  • Enhancement of Property Value
    min. 4-6% / year
  • 100% investment return
    in 8-10 years

Riverport II.

construction site

A large building site (11444 sqm) with legally binding building permit is for sale for a promotional price. The building permit allows to build 3 luxury condominiums (block of flats) with 57 apartments, 69 cycle storages, 30 boat storage rooms,19 parking spaces and 54 underground parking spaces.
The legally binding building permit includes 3 luxury apartment blocks with 57 recreational apartments, a boat house and a community building. The installation of 3 lifts have also been granted in the 3 blocks. The planned gross ground floor area of the buildings is 1339.47 sqm, the gross underground floor area is 1660.72 sqm, building height is 10.82 m. In the buildings there will be 69 bicycle storage rooms, 30 boat storage facilities, 19 over ground parking spaces and 54 underground parking spaces adjacent the 57 apartments. The 3 blocks have been logically designed, two buildings will be built to face Királyok Street and one building on the banks of the River Danube. Between the apartment blocks there will be beautifully landscaped, spacious garden areas around the 14 over ground parking spaces. Every apartment block will have its own underground garage level.

Purchase price of the construction site with legally binding building permit

€ 3.99 million

Villa Christina​

luxurious villa​

The Budapest, XVI. district, one of the most sought after residential areas of Budapest provides an excellent location for Villa Christina. The prestigious and convenient location of the property is demonstrated by the fact that both the city centre and Budapest International (Liszt Ferenc) Airport can be easily reached by car in only 20 minutes. The neighbourhood provides a beautiful living environment with local parks and streets lined with giant sycamore and chestnut trees. Mátyás Király (King Matthias) Square enhances the idyllic surroundings providing the area with an attractive park. The property lies within an area called Ómátyásföld, which also bears the name of King Matthias. During his reign this area was managed by the crown and frequently used for hunting.
The brand new, barrier-free building is fully equipped and furnished with elegant, customised furniture. The property has services like indoor and outdoor pools, Finnish and infrared saunas, solarium, tepidarium, salt cave, steam chamber and hot tub.

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Riverport I and Riverport II

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